Why Choose Pacific Sands Academy?

  1. You have not enjoyed the conventional high school experience.
  2. You want to spend your remaining time in high school developing and pursuing real meaningful goals that will help get you where you want to go.
  3. You want to begin Community College work, and need a high school diploma to do so.*
  4. You need a high school diploma for entrance into vocational school or other job training program.
  5. You want a high school diploma for your resume.
  6. You are past the age of High School and want to earn a High School Diploma.
* If you are 18 OR have taken and passed the CHSPE, you can take Community College Classes without a high school diploma.

You missed out on earning credits for any reason, and you need some help with credit recovery.


You are already a homeschooler and you want assistance creating a high school diploma and transcript.


"Education can be thought of as progress of the individual powered by his own experience, observation, feeling, thought, curiosity, and biological endowment, rather than be the power of adults over him. This is motivation in the genuine sense: the forward movement of personality towards enlarging cycles of experience anchored in a sense of worth and success in the past. " Ernesto Galarza (as seen on sculpture in downtown San Jose)