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This one is an animate made from the most popular TED talk ever by Ken Robinson. Here he discusses the fundamental problems with the current system of education where they came from, and why we need to change our paradigm of education. I especially like the part about divergent thinking.
Seth Godin: Stop Stealing Dreams -- we have to ask the question-- What is school for? What people do quite naturally is when it's work try to figure out how to do less, but when it's art, figure out how to do more. Let's figure out how to let kids can do their art!

Daniel Pink: The science of motivation. Quite surprising results-- the larger the reward the lower the performance??? What is this all about?
Here is an interesting video with Peter Grey. His blog Freedom to Learn is interesting to check out and read also. The title is somewhat inflammatory, but the message is great. He covers one of my favorite topics-- how we evolved as hunter gathering animals-- and using that to inform our child rearing practices. Peter Grey advocates for Sudbury schools which are quite different from unschooling (in that they have some school structure), but his ideas about children learning from self directed play and curiosity, are much of what we emphasize at Pacifc Sands Academy.
This one is about entrepreneurship and children. You might possibly recognize your child in some of the stories he tells.
Exploring Unschooling with a Fervent Dabbler: Here is a link that will bring you to a page with a zillion unschooling links.
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