Would You Like Support on Your Homeschooling Journey?
Pacific Sands Academy Can Help!

If you enroll at Pacific Sands Academy, you don't have to worry about filing an affidavit or homeschool paperwork if you reside in California. If you reside out of the state of California, we help you figure out and follow the homeschooling regulations of your state. AND because your teen is doing home based education, vaccines are not mandated.

Through conversations with you and your teen, we track your teen's learning experiences and provide a high school transcript and diploma when s/he is ready to move on.

Does your teen have her sights set on college? Would you like her to have guidance in pursuing a college prep track, while still exploring her passions? We provide this for our teens who desire it.

We find that often times teens are experts in fields we know little about! We enjoy discussing and learning about their passions, helping them find more resources to grow their interests, and helping them dream ways to reach goals that they themselves set.

email psalearnyourway@gmail.com for more information or for a free consultation.

OPTIONS for meeting a-g requirements

Pacific Sands Academy embraces all forms of homeschooling-- school-at-home, eclectic, natural learning, hackschooling, unschooling, and radical unschooling.

For homeschooled teens, we meet your family's needs where they are. Do you want a mentoring adult to meet with your teen 1x per week, 1x per month? 2 or 3 times per year? We would meet as a family to determine what role you would like your learning support coach to have in your teen's life. Support coach? Mentor? Person to hold them accountable? Person to assign and grade projects? Or adult friend to check in with and discuss interests and passions. Do you as a parent need support?

We provide assistance in any of these ways.