As an enrolled student at Pacific Sands Academy, you are entitled to up to 4 x 30 minute coaching sessions per month. These sessions take place over the phone, or on Skype, or even via text. (You or your parents can use them). Each meeting, we set goals, and explore how the pursuit of those goals worked for you at the following meeting. You and you family are also welcome to reach out to the director through text or email any time.

You can work backwards on your goals or forwards-- here are examples of what we mean:
  • Backwards: You pursue your own goals and interests, and discuss these goals and interests with your support coach. Your support coach is able to create a transcript based on the learning you naturally pursued.
  • Forwards: You want your transcript to include certain classes-- you work with your support coach to come up with curriculum and educational goals that make learning happen in the pre-agreed upon classes. (This would be the method for credit recovery.)
  • Most Pacific Sands students work in both directions!‚Äč